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Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

i say for you

Mars,venus just a little planet where never i clawing it
only the world who can i road for it every time
at my stupid brain this is a little thing what resound in my heart 
never touch,never kiss never cry anymore again
because a get more than it, i feel for a love

not for any pride you here by my part 
but my deep loyalty for sowing sincere love
don't you ask every time for it, don't you hear every where i am
but my hearth restless now
not because o never understood, not coz i never understand
but * for the excessive love

And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with 

i swallow a bitter taste may be it is poison
or the deepest ill here at the dark when i feel alone
i feel more scary than before, when i not founded u as my desier
see you as before when you told, the sky is bright the moon is beutifull
you whispered the spirit i need,inspiration you gave
many thing i left all what happen with a happy thing

a fake reality i pass now, when you don't need me anymore
i like just a rubbish in the flue in the isolated

well make it trough 
i walk at my place, i understand who i am
see you make a freedom, your soft voice your silence 
your laughing your attention 
i must receive it from now till the end of my life
may be i can thing the most important for my life now

i feel like the angel
ever with you be a part of you ever see you glad to me
ever share you be one of me
i never know what a future brings but i know you here with me now 

     for fida

7 komentar:

Seiri Hanako mengatakan...

duh.. jadi pengen punya pacar lagi deh, Seiri ini...


Seiri Hanako mengatakan...

eh yg pertama ternyata...

cenit suryana ^___^ mengatakan...

wahh kak seiri nanti yg pertama di kemanain hihihihih....^____^
iah yg pertama harusnya kak seiri dapet award nehh ambil di http://bukanikanasinbiasa.blogspot.com/2010/05/berbagi-rasa.html ok;)

gaelby mengatakan...

so sweet n romantic... aq menikmatinya.
it's difficult to make a definition of love, except by love, it self.

aq follow yaa :) Nice to be here, salam knal n good luck !

Yulian mengatakan...

bahasa inggrisnya keren euy :)
salam kenal mbak

Raxen Vrathdar mengatakan...

wuah, bru thu nit, kren nih puisi, lmayan, wlau msih prlu dprbaiki sna-sni grammarny, tapi salute n congrate 4 ya!

cb tlis terus, kl udh bs lg, cb ntar main rima :D

eka mengatakan...

Hmm :)

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